Friday, July 9, 2010

The Building of My Island Home

Well then I think I'm beginning to get into this blogging caper unlike my/our attempts at facebook... next we shall conquer Twitter!

Ok then this is the start of my building adventure..... well me saying 'how about we lower this', 'extend that', while by husband actually builds it. I have a vision I tell him and it goes something like this... sort of Hampton's style with a Bahamas influence drawing styles form the Australian coast with a dash of the Mornington Peninsula!

I've started our journey with a photo of our vacant block of land and a photo of our first mow which proved very challenging, a sloping block may have good views but its very hard on the muscles, (mind you my hubby is getting the most divine calf muscles from walking up and down the hill). Next photo shows the boys finishing off the stumps in the lower story and just right of the photo you can see the edge of our suspended concrete slab for our garage of '7' squares!!, which I thought a tad large but I've just been kindly offered a corner store room for Island Collections (hee hee!).
More to come... love Evanthexxx