Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Houses In My Heart

I'm obessing over this interiors book at the moment. 'House in the My Heart' is a beautful collection of photos from designer Carleton Varney. His knowlegde and work in the area of interior design is extensive. The second photo is taken in his sons bathroom! I love the painted mural of banana leaves.
The third and fourth photo are taken from his home in St.Croix. I adore the bamboo four poster bed with a trompe l'oeil of giant palm leaves painted on the wall and how stunning is the "weathered ship's maidenhead" which was found on the island. Wow what a find!
Even though these photos were taken over "twenty" years ago, you can still take ideas and inspiration from them.

Houses in My Heart- In International Decorator's Colourful Journey by Carleton Varney. Image 2- pg76, image 3 & 4-pg175