Thursday, December 15, 2011

Ruby Red Traditional or Bali Blue Christmas

I've just started sorting and packing in preparation for our exciting move into our new home by the beach in the New Year and came across a box full of  Home Beautiful magazines. The images I scanned above are from the December '09 edition. An oldie but a goodie! And featured in it is one of our favourite designers- Stuart Membery! His house of blue and white in Seminyak-Bali is so beautiful and many of the furniture pieces are designed by Mr Membrey himself! What an incredibly talent man.
So whether you want to create a Blue Bali inspired Christmas or Traditional Red English Christmas we have some beautiful Baby Blue and Ruby Red glasses on sale at Island Collections.  
Enjoy your Friday Everyone!
ox Evanthe 

images: 1. islandcollections, 2 &3. Home Beautiful, 5. islandcollections, 6. Home Beautiful